お詫び Attention 


There is a problem my computer&server
I failed to migrate mail data.
I can not reply to guests in Oct.Nov. Dec 2017 & April 2018.

To all the guests who completed reservation  e-mail from cbata @ .., your reservation has been completed and the plan is confirmed.

But I have no way to contact you,
Please contact me when you see this blog.

I'm really so sorry.



A visitor from 台灣 gave a souvenir to me.
They often give a souvenir to us.

The souvenir will not be an affair, too. The baggage increases, too.
I become glad gratefully when I think of the feeling of the visitor.
The Japanese says. “Only your heart is enough for me”
We extremely sometimes have a meaning of “I do not need it”,
Most sympathize for “the action” and “the heart” including preparations to there than “the thing”, and thanks as I am overcome with emotion are this words.
I really think so, too.
Thank you, Ms.Jessica (Hu) & Mr.鄭!

The story has a continuance.



“What?, oh, this…”
“I have seen it!!!”

The dish which was used for a package how,
It is same as the dish which I used at my Innl!

I imitated it at once.

Some details are different?
It was delicious.


Earthquake of 台灣,
I feel sad.
We must do the repayment of favor in the case of the earthquake of Japan.

Winter Finally came


Usual winter finally came in Ine-cho.
Cold. Though there is little snow, it is colder.
The photograph is Tanada and a fishing port of Nii & Norose Coast close to my Inn.
Because the snowy Funaya is beautiful, I upload it if I take it in a photograph ♪

Person good at English and Japanese
Of my poor sentence
Please instruct me.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Did you spend any New Year ? .
The Japanese culture there is a day of " Ke " and " Hare " .
Mainly day lined odd based on Chinese culture is " Hare " .
For example , January 1 , March 3 , May 5 . . . .
They are also all season milestone .
On the day of " Hare " I will wear fine clothes than usual .
In addition to the calendar of the day " Ke " , it will include funeral etc .
The meaning of " Hare " is a clear sky . Japan Sun faith also wonder .
" Ke " was originally , " Force " is the etymology . 
Kegare =No Force. " Kegare = No force = dirty " 
「気涸れ=汚れ」this is the same meaning .dirty there is no forcs ,
Old Japanese is a translation was awe .
January 1 it is the day of the most valuable " Hare " . 
There is also a sense that hiding once the winter solstice 
" Amaterasu " is resurrected .
It is a poor English , but it was a small culture of Japan . 
For your information.
The picture is the sun of January 1, 2016 .