105, Tomari, Ine, Yosano-gun, Kyoto, 626-0413 JAPAN  Tel:+81 772-32-0254

By Public Transport

From Kyoto Approx. 3 hrs 10 min JR Kyoto Station (San’in Line) – JR Fukuchiyama (Miyafuku Line) – Miyazu or Amanohashidate Station (local bus) – Ine
From Osaka Approx. 3 hrs 20 min JR Osaka Station – JR Fukuchiyama (Miyafuku Line) – Miyazu or Amanohashidate Station (local bus) – Ine
  • * The closest stations, Miyazu & Amanohashidate are on the Kyoto Tango Railway Line.


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Tango Kairiku Kotsu

Website (Japanese)

A word from the inn.

Public transport connections depend on the train timetables and waiting times can vary. It is worth checking for special train services that may be running. Also, if you have time to spare in Amanohashidate (Monju), we recommend taking a boat cruise of the scenic spots along the Amanohashidate land-bridge. To travel more economically, please use the long distance Tango-kairiku-kotsu bus from Kyoto or Umeda (Osaka).
Rent a car at the station, which is less expensive than taking a taxi.

Points of Interest around Ine


10 mitnutes by car from Shibata-sou. These are traditional structures built on the water’s edge at Ine Bay. The 1st floor is used to moor the boats while the second floor houses accommodations. About 230 boathouse Line the waterfront.

What are the highlights of Ine and how can I see the boathouses?

  1. See the boathouses from the water on a boat trip or enjoy the view from ‘Funaya no Sato’ park on the hill.
  2. If you can understand Japanese, we recommend the “Ine-Ura Guided Walk” and “Ine Sea Taxi”. Both are run by locals who can give you information not found in the brochures. They can be reserved at the Ine Town Tourism Association.
  3. The boathouses are private residences. Please do not take photos of the entrances or touch the fishing gear without permission. It is possible to see inside some of the boathouses for a small fee. Please contact the Ine Town Tourism Association for details.


5 minutes by boat from Shibataso

Niizaki Viewing Deck

5 minutes from Shibataso

Norose Coast

3 minutes from Shibataso

Ine fireworks

Last Saturday in August
10 minutes from Shibataso

Umyaamon (delicious things) Festival

In Autumn

Asazuma Festival


Tsutsugawa Festival


Ine Festival


Honjo Festival