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Frequently asked questions

Q&A about the Inn

  • Q. Can I stay in a room with a view of the boathouses?
  • A. There are sea views from the road side but Shibataso is not a boathouse inn. There are a few hotels with views of the boathouses in Ineura district.
  • Q. Can you give me a room with sea views?
  • A. We will try to provide you with a room that meets your requests whenever possible. But please understand that during busy periods such as weekends and public holidays, you may be asked to stay in a room without a sea view.
  • Q. Do you have rooms with an en-suite toilet?
  • A. We have one room with an en-suite toilet, but its use is prioritized for elderly or disabled guests. All rooms have a toilet located nearby.
  • Q. Do you provide Wi-Fi or internet connections?
  • A.We do not currently provide such a service.
  • Q. Is there a shuttle service to and from the station?
  • A. We provide such a service only within our neighborhood. Please use a local bus to reach the station. If 7 or more people wish to use this service, 2 cars or separate trips may be necessary.
  • Q. Do you have a hot spring bath?
  • A. We have baths but they are not spring fed.

Q&A on Shopping

  • Q. Is there a convenience store nearby?
  • A. The nearest convenience store is a 30 minute drive from the inn. There is a supermarket located 15 minutes from the inn by car.
  • Q. Do you sell cigarettes?
  • A. We do not sell cigarettes at the inn but there is a vending machine a 3-minute drive away. We recommend that smokers purchase their cigarettes on their way to the inn.
  • Q. Do you sell any souvenirs, unique to your area?
  • A. Local seafood is available in the area around the boat trip pier and from roadside stalls. The selection and quantity varies depending on the season. The public markets in Amanohashidate and Miyazu are also recommended.

Q&A on Activities

  • Q. Do you have an English guide map?
  • A. We have a map of Ine town. As for the local area map, we will guide you to the area where it is distributed.
  • Q. Do you rent fishing equipment?
  • A. We do not rent fishing equipment. If you wish to fish, please bring your own gear. Bait and tackle are available in town, a 10-minute drive from the inn.
    Fishing boats for fishing trips from Ine provide fishing equipment. Trips are by appointment only, so please make a reservation in advance.
  • Q. Is it possible to BBQ on the beach?
  • A. You are welcome to BBQ on the beach so long as you clean up the fire pit and don’t leave any litter.
  • Q. I’d like to set off fireworks, is that okay?
  • A. As long as you enjoy it in safe locations such as the beach. Please enjoy such activities only until 9 p.m. (in accordance with the community regulations). We can provide a lighter and fire bucket if needed.