Available if the foreign everyone


Available if the foreign everyone

There were many guests inquire about rates.

All charges described in HP is a charge of one person.

It is twice price if two people.

The inns and Ryokan unlike hotels, does not have a bed in the bedroom (guest room).

Instead of the bed making, and set the “futon” in Japan of the floor = tatami. Is a Japanese style followed for a long time.

Therefore, it changes the number of people who can stay in one room.

This is why there is no description of the “single room” and “double room” in HP rates.
Of course “suites” and “Royal Suite” is no! !

Some of the inn has a basic charge two people three people instead of more expensive the price for one person in one room.

Because my inn is small, it has been with the same rate regardless of the number of people to be easy to use even in the guest of only one person.

You difference is now, but a long time ago was sometimes slept next to people who do not know in the same room. . .

Some of those who stay together, if some people annoying the “snoring”, and set apart as much as possible “futon”.

It is a small resistance.











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